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OP, look up the word delusional in the dictionary and you will find a picture of yourself.

1) None of the actors mind any of the ships as long as they are not shoved into their faces. They know it exists. Since we’re fans and they like majority of us and our support, they don’t diss one ship or another

2) I have never heard of a Destiel shipper shoving smut into an actor’s face, yet Mark and Misha have mentioned the fact that a fan gave them some weird book of Sam/Dean porn and what happened today with Jared

3) Jensen was saying this thing called a joke. And he promptly said “disturbing” when describing Wincest (I’d look up the video on youtube, but I’m lazy) before saying it was his ‘favorite’ (fyi, that video was from 2006 or 2007, before Castiel was introduced) and no other popular ship existed

4) None of the actors ship any ship. They want their fans to enjoy themselves, but they don’t want it shoved down their throats

5) Get. A. Fucking. Life. You and everyone who agrees with this, you pathetic saps. 

Never ask about it, eh? Explain the picture circulating around Tumblr. You know, the one with Sam and Dean that they showed Jared? The one Mishstiel mentioned in point 2? YAAAAH.

But, then again, I don’t know when this confession was written. Regardless, it’s cute—and by cute I mean demented—to think the actors love having explicit things that might be offensive or make them uncomfortable shoved in their faces. From any ship. There’s this thing called respect. Do you have it?

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    Something that pisses me off is how so many people consider bringing up a valid interpretation of the show to the...
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    C’mon Destiel fans, you know it’s trueeeeeeeee.
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