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Gabriel was a hallucination from Metatron to force Cas into accepting the role of “villain” against Metatron in the “hero” role. All of it was a hallucination, from Cas’s hotel to Metatron letting him go.

Sam and Dean stabbing the Trickster and murdering him was an illusion.

Dean dying every Tuesday and staying dead for about six months afterwards was an illusion.

TV Land was an illusion.

Kali killing Gabriel was an illusion.

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Someone should talk to me about Gadreel and Gabriel “working” for Metatron.

Okay so nobody really knows what the hell’s up with Gadreel at this point. But it’s pretty clear he’s losing faith in Metatron fast. Maybe he’s regretting his actions, maybe he’s regretting being duped, maybe he’s angry about the contempt with which Metatron treats him, maybe it’s all three or a combination of two or something else entirely. But he’s getting to the point of telling Metatron to go fuck himself.

There are four possibilities for Gabriel: alive and free, alive and bound, alive and mind-controlled, or dead.

If he’s alive and free, he’s going to be super pissed when he finds out what Metatron did. And Metatron doesn’t know he’s still alive because the books say he died, so he’s going to get a nasty shock about five minutes after Gabriel learns about it. Gabriel’s gonna beat the shit out of him.

Or Gabriel’s working with him of his own free will. Which I, personally, have a hard time believing. Not a fan of the dude, but I’m pretty sure he’d cheerfully dismember someone who basically killed his entire family. If he was working with Metatron freely, we probably would have seen him by now, and it would be another obstacle the boys would have to face.

If he’s alive and bound, he’s going to find a way out, or someone will find him and let him out (maybe Gadreel). And then Metatron’s going to be fucked up.

If he’s alive and mind-controlled, well, that can be broken. If Cas can break through, Gabriel can break through. It’s just a matter of giving him the right motivation - like, say, letting slip that Metatron basically destroyed his family. That would make him angry enough to break the control.

If he’s dead…he’s dead. Not much to say on that one except that Meta Fiction was basically an “Everyone lives!” AU.

*slams into at the speed of metal attracted to a super magnet*

I shall takes this in order:

One, we don’t know what the books say, now do we? No, sadly. Just as Becky informed us that Chuck had written that Crowley had the Colt while Sam and Dean thought Lilith had…we don’t know if they revealed anything else regarding Gabriel’s death. And Metatron did burn a book that had Gabriel in it. Why? Hm, hm, hmm.

Two, dude, okay. Gabriel would not work for Metatron of his own free will. At least, not the definition of free will that’s “because you want to.” Because: Do you remember how pissed off he got at Dean when Dean accused him of either obeying Michael or Lucifer?

Lol, yeah, no. Lucifer and Michael were dicks. A great big bag of ‘em. And any familial love he felt towards them did not stop him from loathing the idea of working for/with them. Metatron? He’s up there on the Dick Scale, too.

Three and four? I can see that happening. If not bound physically, or mind-controlled, at least being moved across the board against his will. Being forced to hold his head down. Being trapped. He seemed very lifeless as meta!Gabriel. But there were some looks he gave that reminded me of the ones he gives while he’s trapped in Holy Fire. Very solemn. And this season is all about autonomy being stolen from others. It would fit the theme.

Now, what I wanted to discuss was being alive and bound/influenced. Because, then, Metatron has two pieces on the board that don’t like him.

I referred to Gabriel as the Knight and Gadreel as the Bishop. Mainly for the metaphors I saw people ascribing those pieces. How the Knight was tricky, could hop over barriers, if used correctly could be key to a victory. How the Bishop represents the church, but there are two factions—one stands on a white square, while the other a black—and if not working together, the church could fall apart.

Metatron, naturally, is the King.

But…he’s got two pieces that are probably eager to turn on him. To topple him. And, wouldn’t it be interesting, if they joined forces solely to destroy him? Where Gadreel and Gabriel have their blades aimed for the back of his neck…but also have blades aimed at each other? While Metatron is none the wiser?

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I want to bring my dog to Jensen and Misha, plop him down, have him fart, and ask, “Okay. On a scale of 1 to 10, how close is this stench to Jared’s? Because if it’s anywhere near his, good God in Heaven, I pity you.”

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Someone should talk to me about Gadreel and Gabriel “working” for Metatron.

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I know I reblogged this before
But the look on its face in the last picture actually kills me

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I’ve noticed a trend with Richard


he likes posing with pizza


richard, why

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oh sweet lord have mercy nO RICHARD STOP

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Meta!Gabriel vs. Metatron


Another case of Metatron having read all the books and understood none of them.

"Nobody teaches lessons better than good ol’ Gabriel, AKA The Trickster."

…except that’s not actually true.

In “Tall Tales”, he dished out quite a bit of poetic justice - but only one of his victims actually survived to learn from the experience.

In “Mystery Spot”, the debunker possibly got another helping of (deadly) poetic justice - and Sam utterly failed to learn the lessons The Trickster had on the syllabus. “Let go of Dean, because if you don’t, you’ll end up in a bad place, seeking revenge that’s not worth the cost you’re going to pay for it”? Sam eventually got all of that, but it certainly wasn’t from Gabriel. The real takeaway for the Winchesters here? “Keep picking at the details. One of them will make a difference.” (I know I and others have cited Lucifer’s speech from “The End” in comparison with Metatron’s comment about knowing the ending, but “Mystery Spot” was really the first episode to handle the theme of inevitable outcomes not being quite so inevitable…)

In “Changing Channels”, Gabriel failed utterly in the lesson-teaching business… and got a taste of his own medicine. In trying to teach the Winchesters that they had to “play their roles” (another echo of Metatron’s speech about the inevitable ending), he himself learned that no power in the universe can actually get Sam and Dean to go along with someone else’s script. He tried it. Lucifer and Michael and the whole host of heaven (minus one) tried it. No luck. Metatron thinking he can do better is pure hubris on his part… meanwhile, we may note for future reference that during the Apocalypse, Sam and Dean both appeared to be going along with the script, but with their own agendas in mind (Dean about to say yes to Michael, only to back out once the archangel was on his way; Sam saying yes to Lucifer with intention of trapping him). Unexpected plot twists indeed. Also, we might want to keep in mind that the targets Gabriel selected for “being taught a lesson”? If they had anything in common, it was a bad case of hubris…

And then… “Hammer of the Gods”. Again, lesson learned by Gabriel, ultimately: there are causes worth standing up for, even if it means you pay the ultimate price. Sometimes you just have to take off the false identity you’ve constructed and claim your own True Self - not because you’re expected to, not because you’re the only one who can do what’s being asked of you, not because it’s your duty, but because you’ve found a reason that’s compelling to you and screw what everyone else wants. Take a look at Cas in the closing scene, and consider whether it wasn’t an error on Metatron’s part to include this book in the pop culture download… after suggesting that Cas has something to learn from Gabriel.

Maybe he did - just not the lesson Metatron thought.

Well, I have to agree with Metatron, in a sense. I know why he’d choose Gabriel.

It’s not about Gabriel’s messages going through, it’s about them being spoken.

Gabriel’s very perceptive. To be able to dish out poetic justice, you have to understand the victim and be able to form a punishment fitting the crime. Which he did in Tall Tales and for the Average Douchebag. But, when we come to Mystery Spot, he’s doing something else.

Mystery Spot is when he starts acting as Messenger.

He’s not punishing Sam—not like he does his victims—he’s showing him his message. “I can show you better than I can tell ya,” is a phrase I hear often in my family.

The message, on paper, was flawless. But in action, with Sam not understanding all of Gabriel’s words because Gabriel never let him in on the ‘joke’ of his Destiny, it fell short. Way short. I mean, I do think Sam understood Gabriel’s message, at the end, but he just didn’t care. He wanted his brother back. So Gabriel obliged.

In Changing Channels, he shoves them in an alternate reality to force them to play their roles. And they understood that message. They got it. They just refused to do it. Again, like Sam in Mystery Spot. (I also want to note that there is a hidden message in Changing Channels. That message is: Sam Winchester, you fuckball.)

In Hammer of the Gods, the only message Gabriel gives is, “People are better. Because they know how to forgive. No one makes us do anything. We CHOOSE what we do.” Which Lucifer got. He heard that message loud and clear. He just decided to toss it aside. (And, at the end of Season 5, Chuck says that Dean and Sam chose family. Michael and Lucifer didn’t. Michael and Lucifer failed the test because they didn’t heed Gabriel’s words on forgiveness and choice.)

Looking at it from this perspective, Metatron would feel it right to use Gabriel to deliver a message. Because his messages were pretty spot on, even if no one wanted to hear them or follow them. With Metatron at the helm, Gabriel stripped of autonomy, he would feel confident that HIS message, delivered through Gabriel, would be heard. “Lead the angels.” …which, at the end of the episode… Castiel calls them to him. It was heard, even if Castiel is planning to do things differently than Metatron wants him to.

Gabriel’s words have always held weight. And I guarantee you that Gabriel let slip something in Meta Fiction that shouldn’t be ignored. Like his wiggling eyebrows, among other things.

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Gabriel- stupid Metatron…. Stupid transformer wanna be…

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Gabriel’s a tease, amiright?

So can you imagine Gabriel with one of his long golden feathers, running it over the back of Sams neck every time he passes him?

The best part being that Sam can’t see the feather, perks of being an Angel.

Can’t see how Gabriel molts around him, leaving the fluffy feathers where Sam sits, at his desk, in his bed.

Till one day Castiel is staring, just above Sams head.

Having only just woken up he assumes it’s his bed head. Running his hand through his hair, Sam is shocked to pull out a tiny golden feather. “What the-“

Gabriel appears out of no-where to snatch it back, flustered. “-mine.” He simply states before he gone again in a flurry.

"Uh…" Castiel avoids Sams gaze, but he’s got a little knowing smile on his face.

"You’ll find out soon, I am sure." He mysteriously states instead of giving an explanation.

Sam throws his arms up in the air. “It’s too early for this shit, I’m going back to bed.”

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