The name's Saan. This is a personal blog, as well as a Supernatural blog. My favorites are the angels. I love Sam, tho, too. I also post Rooster Teeth, Flight Rising, and Minecraft, though that is few and far between.

Plus…there’s such a power imbalance between Sam and Dean. Not just the demon thing.

Sam won’t kill Dean. Dean knows that.

Sam doesn’t know that Dean won’t kill him. HE TRIES TO TAKE HIS HEAD OFF WITH A HAMMER.


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Every time someone says, “Oh! Dean’s finally accepting himself, even if it’s as a demon! Isn’t that just beautiful!” I want to vomit.

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I find myself a little entranced.

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Remember in 1993 when Jurassic Park was like…the end all, be all of special effects?


not gonna lie that still looks intimately real

It’s funny because I’ll watch movies today and think, “Jurassic Park had more realistic monsters than this crap.” Oops.

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dean knows the demon blade won’t kill him, it’s all about getting sam to his level, convincing him he’s just as much of a monster as dean, that’s what the line about “guys like me we are the natural order” is all about

sam you’re a monster just like me and it’s beautiful and superior and the way we were meant to live

So, there’s going to be a scene on a cliff where Samba looks down at his uncle brother and goes, “No. I’m not like you.” ?

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I'm sure you've been asked this before, and I'm sorry I can't find your thoughts on the subject. I'm wondering about who Lucifer is -- that is, I clearly see a distinction between him and Satan, as I've been following you, but I'm trying to sort out who Lucifer is when he's not being conflated with Satan. And I'm having difficulties doing so, because I'm not as familiar with the full range of Abrahamic faiths as you are. Again, sorry for repeating something you've answered before x.x



In the most strictly historical manner possible, the difference between Lucifer and Ha-Satan/Shaytan is owed to the fact that Judaism and Islam have a very different story regarding their primary Satan than Christians do regarding Lucifer.

Lucifer is an inherently Christian figure.

 He is an angel who is believed to have been fallen after a rebellion against God, which might sincerely have been owed to His belief that He was meant to join the Trinity. This, however, is an endlessly arguable case. The majority will be most familiar with the theory that He wished to ascend above God.  Generally the tale of St. Michael casting the fallen angels from Heaven is associated more closely with Him than with Ha-Satan, though the case could certainly be argued otherwise. Lucifer is a satan in the sense that He is viewed as an accuser and an adversary and that is the meaning of the Hebrew word ‘satan.’

Lucifer is the first light of the morning; His very title reflects enlightenment which overcomes the darkness of ignorance. He is seen as a creature of endless beauty and grace. He is like a songbird with broken wings who on first sight appears mournful but then digs graceful claws into the veins of one’s wrist and dampens His beak in the blood.

He is attributed to having been the Angel of Music and often therefore associated with art. He is frequently seen as greatly invested in the development of mankind, often bringing comparison to Prometheus, He is viewed as a figure who accepts the wrath of gods in order to enlighten. That being said, knowledge is cold and cruel and He is no different. He is beautiful in the same spirit as ice is; pure and delicate yet great and capable of killing man by its very nature.

Shaytan’s mythology tells the story of an angel born from flames, which when one takes into account cultural context, is meant to speak of a wild divinity as the Ancient Persians viewed flames as sacred (Iqbal Academy, Pakistan.) He loved God so deeply that, in according to some Sufi theorists, it is said that only the Prophet Muhammad could rival His belief in true monotheism.  His story tells of a refusal to accept God’s command to bow to mankind, because to obey the true will of God He could show devotion to no other. God beseeched Shaytan a thousand times and each time He refused, leading to His damnation.

Shaytan lamented to God that such a punishment was grave for a crime He could not avoid, and God, out of mercy and love for His most faithful angel granted Him reprieve. He would be allowed to test mankind in order to bring their flaws before Heaven and therefore prove that His disobedience was meant as an act of devotion.  As underthepleiades has so perfectly described, He is the Divine Prosecutor in Judaism.  He is both temptation and devotion; the wrathful angel who tests mankind at every opportunity and will always find them flawed.

Where Lucifer is ice, Satan is flame. 

Satan is wrath so great that even His kindest touch will leave a scar on your soul and your lungs gasping for breath that has been stolen by suffocating fear. He is darkness so powerful and overwhelming that one doubts there will ever be the light of day. He is the nightmare of your own darkest thoughts which haunts every waking moment with the reality of your sins. He is a merciless judge and a sadistic tormentor; an angel who is compared in temperament to a hungry lion, and in devotion to His beloved God to the agonizing purity of fire.  

A quote from Al-Hallaj’s writing regarding Shaytan’s relationship to God describes Him most beautifully, in my opinion;  “He isolated me, made me ecstatic, amazed me, expelled me…He abandoned me because of my unveiling, unveiled me because of my union, made me one with Him because of my separation, banished me because of the preclusion of my fate. By His will! I have not erred concerning the tadbir nor rejected the taqdir nor concerned myself with the change in taswir, nor am I in such measures the one to be judging! Even if He punishes me with His fire for all of eternity I would not prostrate myself before any other than Him, abase myself before a figure and a body, or recognize a rival or offspring. My proclamation is the proclamation of those who are sincere, and in love I am triumphant. How not?”

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There are so many shows that deal with romance that there needs to be a show that doesn’t deal with romance. That’s why you have Supernatural. To deal with all the other parts of- to deal with the many other facets of human nature, even in a bizarre way.


Obviously he is a he-man woman hater.


No, seriously. If SPN was at all like any of the other shows on the CW…I would not fucking watch it. Just catching the tale end of The Originals makes me want to vomit.

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OKAY! For the real reason I took a break from slaughtering monsters with dragons to take a peek at Tumblr:


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Patrick Lussier (director) and Todd Farmer (co-writer) mention SPN fans. My Bloody Valentine DVD commentary.

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