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Rewatched The Lord of the Rings trilogy like, “I don’t remember sobbing this much as a pre-teen. In fact, I don’t remember sobbing at all. What the fuck? *blows nose* Oh, God, stop with the emotions.”

:| Seriously, the end of Return of the King was just non-stop waterworks. I look like Arwen my eyes are so swollen.

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If I dont respond to your insult it means what i wanted to say was too mean and I decided to let you live

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Misha speaking russian uwu

You guys don’t have to read literary novels and listen to radio interviews and stuff in the foreign language? Write job application cover letters and other essays with varying degrees of formality? Role-play conversations about assorted topics with your fellow students like once a week?

My high secondary school foreign language requirements were English, two other modern foreign languages (in my case—and usually—German and French, though some schools offer other languages like Spanish or Italian as well), and one classical foreign language (Latin or Ancient Greek). For four to six years each. Oh, and I was in the science rather than arts program, too.

I don’t know; I didn’t go to high school. I took four semesters of Japanese in college, and we did some of that - role-playing, some writing - but we didn’t have to read novels or listen to foreign language on the radio. Nobody expects you to actually learn how to speak it fluently or conversationally.

Maybe some of my followers know more about high school.

Long story short: No. Not in high school. In Spanish I, we learned basic vocabulary words and sentence structure. In Spanish II, we were writing more, learning more words, and listening to some audio of native Spanish speakers. That was it. That’s all that was required by our state. And, if you don’t use it you lose it. In college, I took Spanish again. Because it was required. It was the same formula. Again: Don’t use it, lose it. I can read Spanish to some extent, but don’t expect me to write it correctly or speak it. And I can’t understand it if it’s spoken to me. Because the school systems in my area really don’t care if you learn the language. They only care if you memorize enough to pass a test. Schools also wait until it’s harder for an older mind to learn a new language instead of teaching younger children.

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I’m watching the Figwit documentary and laughing.

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I love when people say, “Every character in an anime is Asian, because anime is Japanese," when 1) that’s not true and 2) Asia is a big damn continent, which ethnicity were you really aiming for? Japanese? Go back to point one.

I mean, hell, I remember a person arguing with Crispin Freeman that Alucard’s name was really ‘Arucard’ and that they’ve been saying it wrong the entire time, and Crispin politely informed this fan that Alucard was Alucard because it was Dracula spelt backwards. And that it takes place in Europe.

Yeah, just because a character has blond hair and/or blue eyes in anime doesn’t mean they’re white. But, just because it’s anime, doesn’t mean they’re Japanese. To assume either really takes away from the effort certain creators go to to diversify their works. I mean, just look at Gundam 00.

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He opened my wallet, took out my credit card, closed the wallet, put it back, and ran away with my card. ….It has no money on it and is probably deactivated by now, but still.

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Jamal is finally old enough to speak in sentences. Alas, that means we’re arguing over how I’m on the bed, I’m always on the bed, and he wants me to get up. I’m arguing with a toddler over my laziness. …And then he stole my phone charger and went into the kitchen, like he was going for the dog’s water bowl, and I was up and to him in two seconds flat.

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Scientists are so clever with naming animals.

No you don’t even know these birds call actually sounds like its saying go away and what it does is it hangs around large groups of herbivores and when a predator shows up it will just start shouting GO AWAY GO AWAY and then all the gazelles and zebras and such will take off.

Heres a great video





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Angry researcher Cole (for roguishfeathers)

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