The name's Saan. This is a personal blog, as well as a Supernatural blog. My favorites are the angels. I love Sam, tho, too. I also post Rooster Teeth, Flight Rising, and Minecraft, though that is few and far between.

This is still one of my fave captures ever by anyone.

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cas + text posts

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He’s such a smooth motherfucker…

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lets play outlast

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Gadreel’s head in comparison to Lucifer’s body. Just. I mean, Lucifer’s a Tundra to mirror Sam and also because Mother of Pearl skin, but, uh… LOL TINY ARCHANGEL IS TINY.

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Dean. Honey. Tom’s car is the last thing you need to be worried about… Also, if he met Jason Todd, would he fan boy all over himself, or??

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*points at toes* I remember why I stopped drawing dragons.

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