The name's Saan. This is a personal blog, as well as a Supernatural blog. My favorites are the angels. I love Sam, tho, too. I also post Rooster Teeth, Flight Rising, and Minecraft, though that is few and far between.


In every city there should be a local “punching wall” where you go and punch it without legal or moral worries.

With a first-aid kit nearby because lotsa people be injurin’ themselves on accident.

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[The Song Remains The Same]
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As you can see, Gabe and Dean may have had the most influence on the interior design.

In these images, we see Dean sleeping in his spaghetti because, apparently, basketball is tiring. Sam talks about ghosts. (Sam talks about ghosts a lot…) Dean makes faces at the ants. And, lastly, Cas plays with a cat that’s not theirs but is in their house anyway.

I need to make the snapshot capture area bigger. :/

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Sam Winchester in 8x13
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So in case anyone comes across a picture of Mark Sheppard’s car that shows his license plate, please don’t reblog. He was very upset that his privacy was violated in this manner and as SPN fans we should respect that.


Which website, though? Is there not a way to, like, request it removed?? Or at least blur out the numbers like anyone SHOULD? Or is he just doomed to have assholes knowing his tags?

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Guess who finally downloaded the complete collection of The Sims 2? And then immediately made Dean, Sam, Cas, and Gabe?

I couldn’t find any hair for Gabriel. I fucking looked. So I made do with what I had. His face is tweaked as best as I could tweak it to fit, tho.

Sam’s hair, tho. Sam’s hair was actually labeled “Sam’s hair” by the creator. Like, they titled it something to do with a ‘puppy dog’ hair? Or something? But all the files say “Sam’s hair.” And I was like, “You. You get me. You know what’s up. *fist bumps screen*”

Also…I don’t know anything about hobbies. I never had that expansion. So, I was really confused when Dean was like, “FUCK YEAH, I LOVE CLEANING!” No. He doesn’t love cleaning. He loves Nature. Which cleaning helps you be interested in.

Sam’s hobby is meant to be Games. Gabe’s is Music & Dance. Cas’ is Sports. Like, the game just assigns you these hobbies. You don’t get to choose, really.

Sam also wants to be a ballet dancer. Sam in tights. I’m down with it.

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alright carry on

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As you can see, I have a lot of pink and red Imp babies I’d like to get rid of. I’m, naturally, trying to sell them first. Beyond that, they’re going to Lightweaver. Return to sender and all that jazz.

You can find them on page 3 of my lair.

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I’m trying to download the complete collection Sims 2 from origin and it’s like…the slowest fucking download ever. I get that it’s 12 GB, but… come the fuck on.

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