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"so, scout…GABRIEL?"


yes, as most of you know, GABRIEL



i knew

he was not dead

"but scout, there’s still no REAL PROOF that he’s not!"

WELL LET ME EXPLAIN YOU A THING, and maybe give hope to some whose spirits are waning!!

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you adorable little shit

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#did anybody else hear that #it was my heart shattering #again

Gabriel didn’t start acting like Gabriel until Castiel broke the script. He didn’t become physically expressive, he didn’t say things right, until he was left to his own devices. Wouldn’t that make this part genuine? I mean…Metatron can’t write Gabriel for shit.

The dialogue wasn’t too bad, but his mannerisms were definitely off.

I really do love the idea that whatever Metatron did to create this ‘play’ (as Gadreel calls it) actually involved dragging the real Gabriel along, and inwardly he spent the whole time cursing over being used like a puppet.

(idk though, I feel like that means he should have been genuinely himself from the point when Cas stabs him onwards, since that was the moment when Cas took them both ‘off script,’ only Gabriel goes on to tell Cas to listen to Metatron because he’s only trying to help, and that doesn’t sound like genuine Gabriel to me, so, idk…)

Yeah, and right after that, he admits he has no fucking clue what Metatron’s plans are because he only skimmed for his parts. Metatron admits to Castiel that he plans on making him a villain. He wants Castiel to lead the rebellious angels against him so he can wipe them out. (Which Gadreel’s already doing.) Metatron said all that. Not meta!Gabriel. Because meta!Gabriel doesn’t know. You would think, if he was a figment of Metatron’s mind only, he would know what Metatron’s planning. Because he would be a part of Metatron and Metatron, himself, knows the ending. I don’t know. Something seems off. Other than meta!Gabriel’s mannerisms.

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"Ohhh?" Metatron mused, flipping through the pages of a novel. "I think I understand you better than you’d think. Sorry you didn’t like the script though," he waved the Winchester Gospel into the Holy Fire. "A bit over-the-top."

"You probably could have consulted some older scripts. You seem pretty oblivious to what I’m capable of, Meta-douche." Gabriel grumbled, clenching his fists tighter.

so i did a whole meta write-up on gabe and my urge to be all things gabriel was so strong i had to transform it into the visual equivalent too i wANT HIM BACK

Sweet baby Jesus, yes.

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5.16 | 9.18

Are you fucking kidding me? This was a line from the episode where Dean guilted Sam out of his own lifeline memories and threw the symbol of their relationship away literally to hurt Sam?

I was better off not realizing that. Gadreel really did have access to Sam’s memories. Holy crap.

Oh yeah, the one where his “good” memories aren’t allowed to be good anymore. Right. Good to know Sam’s still thinking about it.

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Brothers // Parallels
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have you ever had a dream that was so vivid it stuck with you in the back of your mind for years?

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Q. How does it feel to be the last remaining female character on ‘Supernatural?’

A. A lot of people think the operative word in that question is “female” but as far as I’m concerned, it’s “remaining”. The fact is, the story is about Sam and Dean. Many other characters have rich existences, but we only are there to facilitate their story. I know a lot of people, myself included, take what happens to the characters very personally, but it doesn’t show a lack of love from the writers when we eventually bite it. It shows how much they value our impact on the brothers. We aren’t “killed off”; we are sacrificed to create a unique emotional experience for them that enhances the story for the audience. I’m proud that Jody has earned the right to exist for so long, but we all know that means it’s even more likely her time will come. Dun dun dunnnnnnn…


Kim Rhodes — Examiner Interview (via luvr4photography)

*squints* yeah, when characters die just for manpain and no other reason, that’s CRAPPY writing, not some kind of meaningful ode to Sam and Dean. If they can’t make a death mean something as-is, it just sucks. That’s why we get in a white rage about it as fans, and then the writers and producers are confused and alarmed and don’t understand why we’re so mad. See: Kevin Tran*

*(note: per Jim Michaels at vegas con, they were all surprised and confused at how super mad we all got when Kevin died, and brought him back as a ghost in response to how pissed off we all got- he was supposed to just be dead with no closure)

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